The Spell Was Broken

[WARNING: Disturbing Content]

Psychosis, March 2014

When I entered my apartment I tried to explain to my guy friend and my roommate what had happened. They sat on either side of me on my bed. He told me I must call my parents. It was too strange, I need to tell them.

Quickly my mom passed the phone to my dad who, afraid, began to raise his voice. I cried to him about the new world order, the changing trade economy and Carol. They knew something was wrong but they couldn’t understand. They booked me a flight for the next morning.

Exhausted I retired to my room. I asked my friend, can you stay with me tonight? I’m scared. He replied I’m sorry Julia I can’t do that, and left.

I lay in bed wide awake all night. The connections in my brain moved faster and stories weaved together. Stories from my ancestry, from my recent encounters, from movies I loved. And feared. My body twitched as the energy used me as a conduit. Around 5 am the torture ceased when a hallucination appeared inches from my face. The dark etching of a circle, the one from The Ring drew itself before me. Black and scratched. Negative. Evil. Then starting at the top the darkness was replaced with a thick band of white light that engulfed that blackness. By showing kindness to Carol I had a broken the spell. And now I would be rewarded. But not before a few more tasks to prove that I was worthy. Lifetimes before I had been the Queen of France, and now I would be returned as a princess.

My roommate was getting ready for work when I leapt out of bed. Please stay home today. The helicopters will come for us! You can be a princess too! Please don’t go they are coming! We’re going to France! I ran out to my balcony, searching the sky.

She called my mom to tell her I couldn’t make my plane. She would have to come to San Francisco. Then she called my two best friends in the city to come and help contain me. 🦋👸🏼

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