Carol, Part 2

[WARNING: Disturbing Content]

March 2014

As the uber arrived at my apartment my body became partially possessed. My hand slowly tipped forward and poured water into my lap. It seeped into my lower half as I thanked the driver. He gave me his card. I could call if I was in danger. But the energy was here to save me, it cleansed me. I walked away and up my stairs.

Earlier that day, manic or psychotic, I had befriended Carol and decided to help her. My phone was dead so we walked. Tormented by hallucinations, her delusions began to shape my own. I found a market, bought a charger and a Chinese New Year keychain, a horse to protect me. I needed its strength and pressed it against my heart.

Next a tiki bar in North Beach. The moment I stepped inside I could feel it. It slithered out from behind the bar. A demon disguised as a waitress. It narrowed in on Carol. Can I get you two anything to drink, it hummed. Carefully I wrapped my arm around my companion and turned her around. Never mind this place, Carol. Without hesitation she followed me outside. The Devil knows we’re here.

A pizza place shone like beacon in the distance. I walked over to a police officer monitoring a St. Patrick’s Day street closure, gave him a look and asked him to keep an eye on me. As I entered the crosswalk I peaked over my shoulder to find that he watched me.

I bought Carol a slice and sat her at a table while I found an outlet. Frantic, I called friends for help. Finally a guy friend picked up. He instructed me to get an uber and take Carol to her stoop, then meet at my place.

When the driver arrived he wore a dark suit. Thank God, the police sent an agent for me. We dropped Carol off less than two blocks from my apartment. I was heartbroken. How could I have never noticed her?

As the driver shut his door I burst into tears. Just drive, please. He took me to a lookout. The sun had set and tears slid down my cheeks while we looked out over the city. He asked questions. It was too hard to explain.

When I got home my friend and my roommate were waiting, worried.

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