The Pregnant Woman

WARNING: disturbing content. Psychosis, Psychiatric Emergency Room, 2014 [Drawings of my hallucinations from my time in the psychiatric ward after the ER]

I sat on the cold tiled floor with my legs crossed, patiently watching the scene play out in front of me. I had been asked to keep still by the staff after my last stunt. I had army crawled into a room full of sleeping patients, jumped up and danced uproariously, believing I was a Jennifer Lawrence in an iPod commercial. So I made a place for myself on the edge of the main room and observed the people there.

A few homeless-looking people lined the chairs across the room where it seemed like they were being checked in. A women shouted aggressively. She was unkempt, weathered and worn. I assumed she was high on heroine or meth. And she was possessed by a demon. The demon hadn’t noticed me yet but it was just a matter of time, because I was an angel. My light was too bright to be ignored even as I tried to blend in with the wall. .

Sure enough the woman’s eyes passed mine during her fit and all at once her head swiveled almost off her neck as the demon finally recognized me. A look of terror froze her face as it paused to take in my presence.

After a moment she began pleading with me. I’m pregnant! They can’t give me medicine when I’m pregnant! The spirit of God Himself lifted me off the ground and led me down a nearby hallway. I was also possessed, but by the good spirit. It directed my gaze through a locked office window to a poster. It said that medicine could not be administered to pregnant women. Was it a hallucination? I don’t know.

The spirit took me back to the main room where guards were dragging her screaming into a solitary room. Stop you can’t do that! I yelled with all the conviction of a messenger of God. That’s not ok! She might be pregnant, you can’t medicate her!

I remember them not listening to me and her screaming in her cell. At this point I had tried to escape, disrupted a room of patients and tried to impede the staff’s duties. I was next into solitary.

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