Angie and the Cats

This is a story about the healing power of friendship. We took this photo as part of a collaboration photoshoot that she was apart of to help build her fashion portfolio. She has accomplished great things since then and currently works as a stylist for Nordstrom’s editorial and product studios.


A friend since Junior Wolverines Cheerleading, Angie and I went our separate ways in college. She moved home just months before I did and saw a post on Instagram that indicated I was back. I was so happy when she reached out!

Not many people could understand what I was going through, but she did. We had been friends since childhood. We’re both driven, talented, goofy and share similar interests. A year older than me, she consistently imparted her wisdom to me about the leadership roles I inherited from her. From becoming the cheerleading captain for our competitive and Bellevue High cheer squads, to joining the National Cheerleaders Association summer camp staff. We earned each other’s respect and understanding through these experiences.

My mom saw how our friendship made a difference. I was less alone. When I asked if I could move out with her, my parents countered with a generous offer. Why doesn’t she come live with us?

The loneliness strangled me, so I was excited! She was too!! I helped her hang her clothes, set up her fashion jewelry, and organize her nail polish in my sister’s old room. Finally we welcomed her twin boys, a pair of mischievous cats. My heart was on the mend. Loneliness still lurked, but I had more distractions to keep it at bay.

Typically the cats and I would watch Angie go to work, catch some Netflix, do a puzzle, go on an errand or to the doctor, welcome Angie home, debrief her work updates, and go to bed. They were my best friends. Cuddling with squishy Grey Cat, earning the trust of stand-offish Brown Cat, and enjoying both their antics relieved my stress. Hearing about Angie’s life gave me hope for my career. They were a trifecta of stability in my basement of healing.

She took me on adventures, invited me out with her friends, encouraged me to do projects with her like the photoshoot above. I didn’t have any confidence but she didn’t care. She knew who I was and that it would be back.

For a year she helped me feel loved on a daily basis. She buffered the intense process I was going through. I will never forget the deeply positive impact that my friend Angie had on me ❤️

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